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Raahen Rantajatsit
Jazz on The Beach


Rantajatsit 2011

Once again, the performers at Raahen Rantajatsit aka Jazz on The Beach Festival belong to the most interesting international and Finnish artists of the year. The headliners at the 23th festival are Mats Gustafsson, Barry Guy, Dallapé and Jo Stance.

On Friday 29 July, there will be two strong Finnish groups on the Fantti main stage: Matti Johannes Koivu’s brand new trio and Dallapé, who have made a strong comeback to the Finnish music scene.

In Fantti on Saturday 30 July, you will see the Norwegian Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2009 winner PELbO, who made a strong impression at the Rytmikellari club in Raahe a year ago, and one of the top names in European jazz, the Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson with his Fire! trio, as well as Jo Stance, a soul band led by drummer Teppo Mäkynen and Johanna Försti, who has become known to the Finnish audience as a lead vocalist in the Finnish Dances With The Stars house band.

Rantajatsit pays a tribute to the unique milieu of the Bio Huvimylly cinema by bringing on stage the legendary British double bass player Barry Guy together with the Swiss baroque violinist Maya Homburger and Finnish drummer Janne Tuomi.

The program of Rantajatsit includes concerts at the Ruiskuhuone club and Härkätori park, the traditional children’s concert on the Fantti main stage, and side events.


A cornerstone of Finnish rhythm music, Dallapé, which was founded in 1925, have made a comeback. Sami Saari has been recruited as the new lead singer to follow in the footsteps of Georg Malmstén, Olavi Virta, and Kauko Käyhkö. Dallapé have written their name in the history of Finnish popular music as the most popular dance orchestra of all times. Their golden era was in the mid-30s when they toured all over the country creating a true Dallapé craze. The members of the band are all prominent jazz musicians.


Jo Stance is a very popular band that first started as a studio project of Teppo Mäkynen and Johanna Försti. In addition to Mäkynen and Försti, the live lineup of the band features Timo Lassy and Jukka Eskola on horns.


Matti Johannes Koivu is known as the lead singer in a band by the name of Ultramariini. He has since made a reputation for himself as a solo artist. The arrangements on Koivu’s latest solo album, which has had a lot of airtime on the radio, are credited to pianist/composer Iro Haarla, who will also perform at the Rantajatsit festival alongside Koivu together with double bass player Ulf Krokfors. Iro Haarla was a long-time member in Edward Vesala’s Sound&Fury and has since gained international fame with her Norwegian-Finnish quintet that records for ECM.


The 46 years old Mats Gustafsson is one of the internationally best known and most active free jazz musicians of his generation. The Fire! trio, which will play in Raahe, is one of his various groups. Gustafsson has also played with Barry Guy, another performer at this year’s Rantajatsit, in the Barry Guy New Orchestra.


Barry Guy is a highly esteemed British composer and double bass player, who now lives in Switzerland. His compositions can be heard regularly at modern music and jazz festivals all over the world. Guy’s spouse Maya Homburger is a baroque violinist who performs both with baroque and improvised music groups. The trio is complemented by the Finnish drummer Janne Tuomi, who demonstrates his versatility in the field of music as a classical percussionist and in various experimental rhythm music groups.

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